The Evil Within

The Evil Within

The door creaks open and I slowly steps into the room. At the far side is a corpse and some green brain juice in a jar. As I head over to them, Laura, the spider beast erupts out of the floor. It’s ok, I think, I’ll just get some distance between us. I turn and flee, get out the room, about 5 feet down the corridor and suddenly my character is doubled over and wheezing like he just speed smoked a pack of 20 cigarettes. Then we’re caught and our head is crushed like a grape. Game Over.

Evil Within 2Evil Within is a great horror adventure title constantly letting itself down with infuriating game design that’ll test anybodies patience. You are Sebastian Castellanos, a detective with the Krimson City police force on call to investigate a multiple homicide at a local asylum. Joined by his partner Joseph and rookie Kidman (already forgot her first name) you enter to find corpses all around. Soon after you’re knocked out cold and the horror truly begins. First we’ll cover the plus points.

The game does a great job in building up atmosphere and dread, the level are varied and quite frankly a mess. Not in the badly designed kinda way but the covered in grime and dirt and various bodily juices kinda way. The feeling of dread is strong as you simply don’t know where you’ll end up next as you’re flung between locations seemingly at the whim of the games antagonist. Weaponry is satisfying to use with highlight being a Swiss army knife of a crossbow called the Agony Bow. Capable of firing explosives, freeze bolts, flash bolts and more, this one weapon alone gives you several options on how to approach a fight. The enemies you face are a gruesome collection, all covered in broken glass or wrapped in barbed wire. , they look like they’re a cross between classic zombies and victims of the Saw movies. However, it’s not all head exploding gruesome fun.

Boss fights are a real misstep here. The kind you spend more time running away from instead of fighting and are always capable of one hit kills no matter what your health level. Laura the spider beast is most guilty of this as while trying to avoid her grasp you must cajole her into position and attempt to set her alight. Needless to say this led to much cursing and frustration. In general the game features too many insta kill moments and unfair feeling deaths. Inventory is also an issue. You can carry very little at the start of the game, this can be upgraded as you progress but how small are this man’s pockets to only fit 5 matches in. Fortunately you can also upgrade his pathetic stamina level. Seriously how did he become a detective with that level of fitness?The-Evil-Within-Laura

Overall if you’re a fan of horror titles like Resident Evil then this should easily keep you going, just know it’s likely to frustrate as much as it’ll entertain. Just make sure you level him up



Second opinion by Aaron Hughes

Terrible game, with flashes of Resi 4 that give you glimmers of hope, which are then smashed with stupid stealth sections, nonsensical story, OP weapons and no real sense of dread. A survival horror I didn’t want to survive.


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