Alone With You

Alone With You

  • Developers: Benjamin Rivers
  • Publisher: N/A
  • Genre:  Action Adventure
  • Platforms: PlayStation 4 (Reviewed), PS Vita
  • Release Date: 23rd August 2016
  • Microtransactions: No


Here’s a question, how much emphasis do you put on story over action? Would you rather everything just exploded in a hail of bullets or would you rather simply enjoy some lovely atmospherics and character interaction. If you prefer the latter than this is likely something you’ll enjoy.

Due to a past catastrophe killing all crew but yourself you play as a lone cosmonaut on a space colony seemingly simply killing time, however a deadly storm is approaching and you must now plan your escape using the escape pod. However you didn’t attend escape pod repair school (not a real thing) and thus have no clue how to get it moving.

At this point the colonies A.I steps in and purposes the idea of uploading the backed up data of several of the old colonists who know what to do into the holographic chamber so you can meet them and learn what they know and get the parts they say you’ll need.

Point and Click

This all boils down to a daily routine of traveling out to scavenge for parts and supplies in the destroyed buildings through the day and meeting up with the holograms at night to discuss the days events and learn more about them and their personal stories. Occasionally you can spend some extra time with a selected hologram to further cement the bonds of friendship.

The game is presented in the ever popular pixelated style but still manages to create a good atmosphere. Gameplay is reminiscent of a simple point and click with a handful of password style puzzles thrown in to keep you thinking. Sadly though gameplay is a little too simple with no real challenge but the well written story and the daily in game routine that strangely becomes compelling carries out through.


  • Well written story Characters you care about.
  • Good atmosphere despite simple graphics.


  • Maybe too simple
  • Too easy.


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