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Batman-VR-first-playA question that crops up a lot in the games industry is one of value for money. While titles such as Skyrim and Witcher 3 offer hours upon hours of game play for your pennies, games like Batman Arkham VR offer literally 1-2 hours and then the credits roll. Even at the lowered price point of £15.99 that’s very little game time. Does this mean you should give it a miss? Absolutely not!

Dark Knight Rises

Batman VR nightwingRocksteady squeeze more cool and effective uses from the VR headset into the short runtime than any other VR titles I’ve played yet. Anybody with an interest in this game is probably already aware of the suit up sequence and it genuinely is a highlight. To say too much of the storyline would be ruining it but it’s safe to say this is extremely dark and mature territory here. The game what other Batman titles have only treated as a secondary thing and places the gameplay firmly on you being the world’s greatest detective rather than beating anybody to a pulp. You’ll reconstruct crime scenes, investigate corpses and solve puzzles flexing Batmans brain rather than his brawn.

During your quest famous faces will pop up in cameos which I won’t ruin here as it’s always fun to see them appear, sometimes right in your face.

Once you’ve blasted through the main game you can start over with added extra of Riddler trophies and optional extra puzzles including rebuilding objects in 3D, batarang target practice and a hidden tile mini game to unlock character models. These give a good reason to play through again and really search the locations.

Caped Crusader


The main downside is you really will want the game to be longer and I’ve had to mark down slightly for that but it will hopefully influence other developers to make great longer VR titles.

It’s one of the best ways to feel like The Batman but it is incredibly short. Still, it’s an easy recommendation to Batman fans.


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