Bloodborne: The Old Hunters

Bloodborne – The Old Hunters DLC. If you are reading this then it is to be assumed that you have played the main game already, if not please check out my review for the original game!

I am not normally one for DLC, I find it tends to be a cash grab by the developers and personally have only purchased DLC a handful of times. The main reason for this is that like a lot of people I refuse to pay for content stripped from a newly released game, especially when it’s just a pitiful amount of costumes or a couple of maps. This however I can say is what I like to call “proper” DLC – a whole new area of game that has been written after the games release and gives at least 8 to 12 hours gameplay depending on your character level and your ability.

Not wanting to give too much away but the setting is the “Hunters Nightmare”, throughout the original game you’re never quite sure what is real and what isn’t, and this is no different. Some bits you will recognise as it appears to be Yharnam but what it would look like hundreds of years later with the land reclaiming the streets with a lot of it in ruin, it is actually very reminiscent of the Dark Souls world. The enemies of this world are quite different than the original, mostly being either Hunters like yourself who have gone mad or other mutated beasts, although the bastard crows are still there.

There are 4 main bosses and one optional boss to find and defeat, all in a fairly linear fashion especially compared to the original game which often left you not knowing where you were supposed to be going.

You are also able to find 11 new trick (main hand) weapons and 5 off hand weapons, there are also several new armour sets and pieces. This is nearly the same amount as were available in the original game and they are all great with a return of a “Souls” favourite weapon which I won’t spoil for you here but I will not deny screaming like a little girl when a boss whips it out halfway through the battle. Some have pretty obscure move sets and others require other items to make them actually work. Although for me the best new weapon was the “Whirlygig” which is in essence a huge circular saw on a stick which does insane damage.

Difficulty wise I would say it’s on a par with the main game and depending on your character build and play style you will find some bosses harder than others but none are easy. I can honestly say that I thoroughly enjoyed this DLC and say that it is most definitely value for money.

Bloodborne isn’t for everyone, but if you managed to make it through the main game and the beast in you is getting thirsty again then this will satiate you. Basing this review on that premise I can happily give this a


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