In house Reviews, retro and new. All of our reviewers buy their own games, some times this may affect the score, which we think is reasonable (why pay for a broken game right?). Here at Show Me Games, our reviewers are asked to write there honest opinions about the games they review.

Our Scores are based on a out of ten system. Like many other sites, but we need to make it clear, that anything above 5 is above average….makes sense right? Well the other sites don’t get it, that’s why they use a 7 as poor, a 8 as a average, 9 as great/good, even some of these sites give games a 10/10??

So please understand, if you see a score and think it’s harsh, chances are it’s not as bad as you’ve been trained to think. Enjoy, and welcome to Show Me Games.


Mad Max

Mad Max is a game, from Warner Bros interactive, and that my dear friends is a fact. Now Warner Bros, as a publisher are a little bit…

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