DA:I The Descent

Dragon Age: Inquisition – The Descent review.

The Pitch.

“Head into the Deep Roads beneath the surface to investigate mysterious earthquakes threatening Thedas and solve an ancient mystery of the dwarfs. Face off against an army of Darkspawn and something much worse.”

The Reality.

While Jaws of Hakkon was much more of the same when it came to side quests, this actually strips most of them away. No rifts or even collectable shards to be found here, though don’t worry collectors, your needs are fulfilled by another item…

The open-world feel of the base game and the 1st expansion is also gone, in favour of a much more linear trek  -through cavernous tunnels and……….more cavernous tunnels. The upside to this  (although still nothing to get too excited by) – the story does feel more focused with plenty of new dialogue and cutscenes. This helped along by your two new companions, one of whom is voiced by the gravely tones of Solid Snake himself – David Hayter.

Combat is still the same scrappy thing it’s always been, as I played through this after completing the main game and 1st expansion, it was disappointing to keep finding new loot I was never going to use beyond a few pieces of armour and a single staff. Being high level also meant the end boss was a zero threat and fell in a matter of seconds thanks to my powered up supermove.

On a side note I’m also disappointed that despite spending the entire time with dwarfs, nobody got drunk at any stage.

The Verdict.

Despite the linearity and lack of combat variety, fans will probably glean some enjoyment from seeing the story through and gaining new loot if not played at too high a character level.


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