DA:I Trespasser

Dragon Age: Inquisition. Trespasser review. (Spoilers ahead)

The Pitch.

Decide the fate if the Inquisition and search for the missing elf Solus and the answers he may hold.

The Reality.

Despite being the final expansion and promising to both answer the questions left from the main game and possibly set things up for part 4, I found this one to be strangely dull. Just like The Descent this is a largely linear affair with no real open world areas to explore. The story I was hoping for also wasn’t present with Solus not appearing till the very end and the majority of it concerning itself with you discovering and foiling a Qunari terrorist plan. Once Solus does arrive most questions left over are wrapped up in a long conversation and then things set in motion for the sequel in cutscenes. The storyline did have a few nicely unexpected twists however and a couple of funny moments but the tension and drama wasn’t there when it really needed to be.

The Verdict.

To be honest it’s hard not to see this one as a cash grab by EA as it should have been worked into the main title so everybody could get the proper end instead of teasing it then asking for more money to see it.


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