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b5feace21c342ab7d408bf8b34e2cb8fcbde7543.jpg__1920x1080_q85_crop_upscaleI spot an enemy patrol in the distance, three of them with their backs turned. Taking advantage I apply some poison and fire off an explosive arrow. The explosion showers the poison over the whole group, the imbued projectile also causes burning damage. Spectral versions of my character appear and perform a 4 hit melee combo (just to add injury to injury). By the time my party members have run in to join the fight it’s nearly over. It’s at this point I realise my Inquisitor is getting rather powerful but there’s still much to be done. So much to be done.

At the beginning you create a character who stumbles from a rift only to be arrested under suspicion of murder, things of course aren’t what they seem. Over the course of the game you’ll investigate the real culprit, gain a fortress base, gather allies for your startup army and lead them into battle against the game’s big bad guy. All of this is done by travelling the world map and unlocking new areas to explore while completing quests, both big and small. Things start simple enough with you completing fetch quests or killing a bunch of wolves for a farmer, but escalate into gaining entry into long lost temples, to loot rare treasures and slaying dragons for even more loot.

1000659_screenhi_930x524_en_US_Dorian_05_nowatermarkBioware obviously wanted to make amends for Dragon Age 2 but has stumbled somewhat in several areas. Character creation is better this time round as you can again choose what race you’d like to be, including the horned giant Qunari, but it’s again missing the origin stories that accompanied each possible race in the first game. These were a truly original feature that I think is sadly missed.

Combat has been improved over the mindless button bashing of the 2nd but it can all rely on your fighting style. I personally found melee combat to be very clunky and scrappy with real weight to it at all. Ranged combat fares much better as you can hang back picking your targets and being more tactical about things.

4ekCmrvtRJPd.878x0.Z-Z96KYqNow the thing most people complained about in the 2nd is the size of the game world. Inquisition really goes out of it’s way to offer loads of quests and areas to explore which will keep anybody busy for several weeks. However, several areas are simply no fun to explore, I’m looking at you Hissing Wastes, and the game features way too many fetch quests even when you’re at the level of all conquering dragon slayer.

It’s a clear improvement over the last title in the series but there is still much work to be done. Still, any RPG fan will find plenty to keep themselves busy with here.

Improvements needed but a 7/10.

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