Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2

Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2

  • Developers: Dimps
  • Publisher: Bandai Namco
  • Genre:  RPG, Action Adventure
  • Platforms: PlayStation 4 (Reviewed), Xbox One, Microsoft Windows
  • Release Date: 28th October 2016
  • Microtransactions: No


Go Go Goku!

Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 is the follow up to the generally well received 2015 fighting video game Dragon Ball Xenoverse. The game is part of the Dragon Ball series made famous by the anime series and manga that it is most known for. The game caters from the Dragon Ball Z, Dragon Ball GT and Dragon Ball Super universes as influences for the story.

As a fan of the first Xenoverse game I did enjoy the game but I have also been a lifelong fan of the Dragon Ball series and have wished for years for Shenron to grant me with a deep Dragon Ball game and Xenoverse came very close to this desire but ultimately it did not meet my expectations in the long run. It was promised as an open world fighting game with exploration of the HUB world to a grand scale and didn’t quite live up to the expectations it had laid out during the hype and build up. Thankfully what shortcomings the first game had Bandai Namco have vastly improved in the sequel. It is still not quite the grand open world RPG style Dragon Ball I have been hoping for my whole life but it is without a doubt the deepest game we’ve ever had from the series.

In this sequel you play as a time patroller living in the hub world of the game – Conton City. This city is practically just an expanded version of your HUB from the first game – TokiToki City but within this new setting you have far more freedom to manoeuvre around and interact with civilians in the game and also players from the local network ultimately making it feel like an actual real part of the game and not just a starting off point.

It’s another fairly simple story in the main campaign. You’re sent off to deal with disturbances in the timeline which takes you from the beginning of Dragon Ball Z all the way through to the new stories from Dragon Ball Super. The bad guys in this game Towa and Mira have enlisted Lord Slug, Turles and a mysterious masked Saiyan to help change history for their gain and it’s your job to work your way through every saga of the series to stop them and fix the timeline. Nothing too complex and very similar to the first game but this time around it changes a few stories around and adds a few more mystery characters and villains to the mix to shape it and adds a few twists along the way.

Super Saiyan

The real meat of the game though comes in the additional material found in all the side missions and quests. It once again features the ‘parallel quests’ option which allows you to play levels with very specific win requirements to advance forward and unlock items and new characters to help you along the way. The big addition though is the new ‘Time Rift’ quests, these are 5 separate areas of the game where you have to interact with individual characters from the universe and either train or complete objectives to unlock Awoken skills and a mystery item called a Toki-Toki egg.

During these quests you have to do things like feed Majin Buu so much he poops out baby Buu’s, help the Great Saiyaman fight evil and protect the city, stop the bad guys destroying Planet Namek and stealing the Dragon Balls, win the respect of Vegata and train like a madman with him or go pure evil and take over the galaxy as Freiza’s right hand man/woman. These little things make the game feel quite fresh and add a whole new dynamic to the series and finally make you feel like you actually have impact in this world and not just being a generic button bashing fighting game.

In regards to the actual gameplay of the game it hasn’t really changed from the first. The fighting style is still very fast and frantic as you would expect from a Dragon Ball game. Certain times during fights your camera can auto fix into really awkward camera angles to the degree where you will actually wonder what is happening at times but overall you would expect nothing less from a fighting game that moves this fast.

His Power Level Is Over…

Sometimes the character levels and upgrades can make the game feel unbalanced where you could either be incredibly underpowered or extremely overpowered so unless you start to actually do some research into your base attacks and equipment you could fall short very quickly early as there isn’t any real explanation in regards to this aspect of the game. As long as you have a basic understanding of the series or fighting game genre in general I couldn’t see a reason why this wouldn’t be a quick pick up for someone though.

With a huge roster of characters to unlock from the get go this is easily the most diverse Dragon Ball game we have had so far and with the next gen graphics the characters and setting simply look fantastic and vibrant as you journey through the game. With it taking an art style in between the traditional anime look and a cell (no pun intended) shaded design these characters have not looked better in any sort of medium so far. The roster and parallel quests are due to expand over the next few months due to planned DLC from launch so you will keep coming back to this game for months and months to come at this rate and with how enjoyable and fun this game is that is nothing short of a good thing.


  • Great campaign story journeying through the Z saga, GT saga and Super saga with added original twists and turns
  • Immersive amount of side quests, parallel quests and Time Rift missions to keep you engaged for hours after the campaign
  • Huge roster of characters from all parts of the Dragon Ball universe to cater to all fans of the show and manga series
  • Camera angles can be a pain at times during combat
  • Real open world feel to the game and the closest game we have to a true Dragon Ball RPG

 8.5/10 GREAT


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