E3 Report

E3 Report

So here is the SMG reports on this years E3. In conference order.







Nintendo, although only being 20+ mins long it did bore me. They showed off Arms again, a game no matter how often you show me I just can’t get into.

Skyrim, which is getting boring to see now. In a year Skyrim will be on phones. Metroid Prime 4 was announced, as someone who doesn’t play them it meant nothing to me. But I understand there’s a big following for them.

Pokken tournament, and a new Pokemon rpg are coming to the Switch…I couldn’t care less.

Highlights for me were, Kirby, Yoshi, Mario and Rabbids.

Overall if you’re a big nintendo fan it was probably the tits to you. For me, I didn’t see anything that sold me a Switch.


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