Evil Within – Executioner

Ever played a horror game and wanted to play as a bad guy. Specifically, ever played Evil Within and wanted to play as The Keeper…………IN FIRST PERSON!!!!!!! Well now you can. Available separately or as part of the season pass, The Executioner DLC is a short arena based spin on Evil Within tied together with a tale of the search for your daughter.

the_keeper__boxman__cosplay__from_the_evil_within__by_corroder666-d812codPlacing you in the boots of The Keeper gives you one thing above all else that you didn’t have in the main game and that’s power……….and one very large hammer. Playing out in the first person your encouraged to batter your foes, perform executions and use the deadly environmental traps to your advantage. Going from combat arena to combat arena you pummel the hideous creatures with far more confidence than Sebastian ever did. It’s such a shame that combat is so basic. Your basic weapon only has a 3 hit combo and once enemies are weakened you can either grab them for a throw or execute them on the spot. Other weapons can be bought such as a chainsaw and rocket launcher but they have limited use. Boss fights are thrown in too but again they are a little too basic but the final boss was fun. Combat is simple then but enjoyable enough considering the titles very short length.

The story is very very forgettable, told through notes left by your daughter or by the shady scientists overseeing things. It’s all very simply stuff. Thankfully though none of it hangs around longer than it needs to. I completed it in 1 hour and 20 minutes and opened up a pretty generous supply of extras for my troubles.

If you own the season pass and haven’t tried it then you can do worse at only just over an hour long. Just don’t expect to go back to it after that. Unless you REALLY want all those shop items.




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