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Fallout 3 review.

I really am my own worst enemy when it comes to gaming. A new title is released in a franchise and 9 times out of 10 I’ll get all nostalgic for the older titles and develop a serious urge to revisit them. I figured I’d go back in gaming time and revisit Fallout 3 and New Vegas and my favourite expansion from each, those being Point Lookout and Old World Blues.

fallout_3_game_of_the_year_edition_14_First things first, Fallout 3, in my opinion, still holds up very well indeed and while I know most people have played it at some point I still feel you should know my thought (you have choice though really). Let’s get stuck into the Pro’s and Cons.

Pro’s: The open world is huge and a joy to explore. You’ll never know what you’ll find next whether it’s a cult worshipping a talking tree or makeshift city populated by Ghouls inside an old museum. There are so many locations to discover it’ll keep you going for hours upon hours.

The character creation offers plenty of freedom, catering to plenty of playstyles from stealth and guns blazing to melee or a mixture of your choosing.

The game also has plenty of cool moral choices. Don’t like Megaton, accept some dirty blood money and rig a nuclear bomb to wipe it out. Posh folk at Tenpenny Tower annoying you, murder them in their sleep with a certain perk or simply allow an army of Ghouls in to do your dirty work. Creating your character in various ways opens up fresh options in different missions.

The VATS system. This really makes combat dramatic and satisfying. Pause time, pick a body part to shoot and then watch the carnage. The explodey headshots resulting in flying eyeballs are still amazingly cool.

Weapons are well represented here. Featuring everything from a sledgehammer (for up close face ruining) to my personal favourite the sniper rifle (for that lovely headshot).


Combat without VATS is sadly very unrefined. Sure it’s been improved in the latest release and it’s more due to its RPG roots but it doesn’t stop it being highly frustrating with more bullets flying about at crazy angles then just going at what’s in your crosshairs.

fallout-3-ss-26The game also, just like Oblivion before it, features only a small number of voice actors in comparison to the game size. It’s a pretty regular occurrence to hear the same voice coming from the mouth of several different characters which can dampen the impact of encounters somewhat.

Finally, for a game of this size it features, in my opinion, a rather low level cap. After doing the main story and only half, if that, of the side quests I was only a couple of levels from the limit. Download Broken Steel to raise it from 20 to 30.


Despite it being not all that far off 10 years old (I think) this is still a fantastic game to sink many, many hours into. I give it a glowing 9. Now I’m off to Point Lookout to continue the fun.



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