Fallout 4: Wasteland Workshop

Wasteland-Workshop-56WASTELAND WORKSHOP has arrived, despite a poorly worded tweet from the official Fallout feed to the contrary, which led me to have a heated discussion with a stranger and call him a c**t twice (he was a c**t).
Wasteland-Workshop-31Yes, well, thank you very much for adding concrete to my almost limitless (now a head-spinning 3) choices of building materials. As you might imagine, most traders now conveniently carry a shit-tonne of concrete in their inventories to facilitate your construction of something that can realistically ward off the advances of a horny rad-stag. I spent an hour in Sanctuary adding crucial support columns to my magical floating shanty and, by Neptune’s beard, it looks almost feasible!

Besides this, a new motorised water pump has been added so that settlers without the forethought to seek out a body of water to live by may now moisten their stupid, parched lips almost as well as those idiots who opted to live by a bug-infested, irradiated, toxic pool of piss.
deathclawIf converting your settlement into a gulag clashes with your Thunderdome stylings, there is also a selection buses and trailers to use as barriers (or luxury penthouse balconies, gravity permitting).
Electricity is a fickle thing at the best of times, especially when Tesla is given such credence, so you’ll find that your creature traps will remain activated even when you cut the power directly, and the new, powered sliding door may as well be a wall. Another annoyance is the inability to politely inform your settlement that the huge concrete deathmatch arena you’ve just built on the edge of town is actually a huge concrete deathmatch arena and, as such, you’d appreciate it if everyone wouldn’t have a shit-fit and please stop attacking the glowing deathclaw it just took me 4 goddamn game-days to ensnare, assholes! Same to the previously well-placed turrets, which can now evidently see, and accurately shoot, over 12km at things you don’t want them to. You can now build pacifying beacon things, which will likely resolve this, but you do need a couple of high-end and previously ignored charisma perks to access it. Roll on lv87…

Verdict – This should’ve been the FIRST dlc, as it adds very little to game. I can imagine that Bethesda were eager to show off Automatron, but I would’ve been happy to anticipate it’s arrival after being teased with a bit of concrete. I’m now waiting ANOTHER month for something to actually do… Roll on, Far Harbor!


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