Fallout 4

The Pitch. After escaping nuclear annihilation in Vault 111 you are frozen in a cryopod only to see your other half murdered and infant son kidnapped. Once free, you must search the wasteland and get revenge and rescue your son.

The Reality. Head out into the wasteland and be instantly distracted from rescuing your son by seemingly more important things like making sure unwanted settlers have beds, getting back stolen trinkets and helping EVERY SETTLEMENT EVER!

2877128-screen+shot+2015-06-03+at+15.07.13Pro’s. Game world. The map is huge and stuffed with settlements to discover, buildings to explore and secrets to sniff out.

Customisation. This works well enough for allowing you to upgrade weapons and armour giving a use to all that junk lying about.

Quests . Plenty of missions to sink your teeth into, however, this can also be a downside too.

Cons. Quests (again). Mission variety is pretty limited, boiling down to just shooting everything that even thought of raiding a farmer. Occasionally you’ll get something a little different. Nick Valentines case files were a personal highlight.

Companions. Some people love them. Some hate them. I firmly hated them. Blocking doorways, going Gung-ho when I’m trying to be stealthy and just generally messing up my plans. Had an easier time without them.

2877883-fallout4_trailer_end_1433355589Settlement building. In my opinion this is just a mess. Why nobody thought to give this mode a top down camera I’ll never know. Left it well alone.


As an FPS adventure title it’s perfectly fine however from a Fallout title I expected more. With Fallout 3 and New Vegas I was sad to leave them. With this one I just wanted to move on after awhile. Fallout fans will get some pleasure from it, but non fans will remain un-swayed.


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Chris Broderick

I've been playing these here videogames for over 30 years, and until the time my age addled brain can't keep up with technology I'll continue to play them. I much prefer a good open world adventure or an RPG to other genres as they mirror myself playing them. From clueless idiot not understanding how things work yet to all conquering bad ass............well..........most of the time.