Game Of Thrones: Season 1

Firstly, I must say I loved The Walking Dead Season 1 and 2. I felt the writing was good enough to evoke an emotional response to the drama unfolding on screen.

Secondly, I love Game of thrones Tv show, or Boobs and Dragons as it’s called in the UK. I love it because it’s well acted and, Boobs and Dragons.

game-of-thrones-house-forresterSo coming to this Tell Tale game for me, was a no brainer. I like episodic games, purely because of The Walking Dead. That being said, the episodes must be released on time, otherwise it fucks with the mojo. Some say a month is to long between episodes, I tend to agree, although weekly would just feel like a rush to me. Maybe a episode every fortnight.

With this in mind, the first episode dropped on 2nd December 2014. The Episode was slow, but built to a very intriguing ending, of which I felt no agency. But thought to myself, ok the characters are dull, but lets see where this is going. January came about as it does straight after December, just like the Gregorian calendar anticipated, and with January was my second episode…nope, that wasn’t the case. This left a sour taste in my mouth.

February 3rd 2015, episode 2 was released. figuring they have spent that time fault finding and fixing. On I play, and was hit by close to 2 hours of sweet fuck all gameplay, terrible terrible attempts at building plot, and intrigue.
March 23rd 2015. Episode 3, have tell tale got there act together, the episode was released in reasonable time. This episode has to really pick up the pace. Into the game, i’m properly introduced to easily the best character of the game, and there is a problem…why does this chase scene not feel tense?? Oh wait, there is no ambient sound, or sound effects. The characters can be heard talking to each other, but no other sound. A game apparently based on atmosphere, hasn’t got any when there is not atmospheric sound. This Episode, also forces you in to doing something at the end of it, that, no matter what you do will always end out the same. Which pissed me off no end. Again, another 2 hours, feeling i have no agency in this game.

game of thrones 3May 26th 2015, Episode 4, are you guys fucking joking? another two months between episodes? It’s very clear, after the end of the last episode, that I’m just along for the ride. So lets hope they have sorted the audio issues out…in places yes. This episode I tried my hardest to get every character killed off. A whole load of talking for 2 hours, all resulting in the same shit (I’ve watched a few different playthroughs). Again, two hours of no agency!!!! Isn’t this supposed to be a game?

July 21st 2015, Episode 5, yes, another late episode, the good folks at Tell Tale said they wanted to make sure they finished the Borderlands game first so they can concentrate on this. Had moments that made me chuckle, otherwise dull as dish water. There’s a scene at the end which is supposed to be heart wrenching. But, with the poor writing, lack of agency from the player through out most of the game so far, it just falls soooooo flat.

November 17th 2015, Episode 6,…..4 months late, 4 months actually late, what the fuck. How can the company that sold me so well on the episodic game experience then ruin, the whole episodic gaming experience. This episode better be fault free at least. Oh dear, intermittent audio problems again. Here we go for the finale. Yet another 2 hours of absolute drivel, nothing gets resolved, king’s landing sections are like pulling teeth whilst watching paint dry. There is however a nice gory scene near the end, but to little to save a turd of a series.

game of thrones 2The story arc, can be drawn with a straight line. The game misfires at ever shot for me. They introduce characters from the TV show. Try to build up like your going to kill them. But if you’ve seen the show, you know nothing is going to happen to said characters, so it’s a massive waste of time.

If you haven’t seen the show, the game opens with a huge spoiler of one of the most shocking season finales in TV history (in my opinion).

Would this game be better as a full season on disk? No, instead of having a month (or 4) break, you’ll have close to 12Hr of drivel in one bite. Building to a finale which only tries to promote a second season…which has been given a go a head. Why??!

Avoid this, and play walking dead instead, if you have already played walking dead. Read a book. This game is not a game because you have little to no input as to the direction, and you feel that very early on.


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