Her Story

  • Developer: Sam Barlow
  • Publisher: Sam Barlow
  • Platforms: Microsoft Windows, iOS, Mac OS
  • Release Date: 24th June 2015

Her Story is a nice little game, I didn’t actually know to much about this game, but it had game awards throw at it like pennies to a bum. So I figured i’d check it out.

The game is set now-ish, you’ve been give access to a bunch of old archive interview videos of a murder investigation. The access is limited to a old pc somewhere, there is a little search bar for you to type keywords in. Once you’ve typed your word, video clips with the word or phrase in will appear. These videos are anywhere from 6 secs to 5 mins long.

Your job is to piece together the “Facts” to determine what happened and why.

After a few mins, I was convinced I knew what happened. This made me feel smug, and also a tad disappointed. Then I played a clip which spiked my interest, and sent me down a different direction of investigation. Then slowly, I felt tendrils drawing me further in and down deep into the lore.

Her Story 2Viva Seifert, the main actress in the game does a very good job, along with the video filter all helps to make thing feel real.

The game is a FMV game, with very little actual interactions from the player. But nevertheless, the game pulls you in.

My run through only took a little over an hour, and I loved it.

The game is cheap, $4.99, so go and pick it up, hide away for an hour and just enjoy the story…Her Story.


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