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Here They Lie (PSVR)

The Killer Awoke Before Dawn…

What is it exactly you like to see in a good horror game? Is it plenty of visceral blood and gore? Is it the panic of trying to survive and find precious ammo to fight back. Or is it to quite simply be bloody confused and have no clue as to why any and every event is happening? Well, if you’re about to play Here They Lie I certainly hope it’s the last of those 3 options. Here They Lie is a game that simply seems to think that by being trippy, surreal and confusing makes for an atmospheric title. *SPOILER* It doesn’t, it just makes it confusing.

He Put His Boots On…

here they lie liarsYou start off boarding a train before being whisked off to a pretty much abandoned maze like city to wander aimlessly until you reach the exit. It’s an incredibly boring start to a game that never really picks up in the excitement stakes anyway. From there you move through a red light district, a weird sea of blood and what at first glance could pass as hell.

However your never asked to do anything other than press a single button during the occasional moral choice moment and collect letter and pictures that are then narrated by an amateur sounding cast. Then it’s back to the wandering. So much wandering. Even the seeming big bad doesn’t really get the blood pumping. Coming across as an on fire, giant, very angry businessman (he even had a brief case) who’s missed his connecting train, as long as you turn tail and run he’ll get bored and disappear again.

He Took A Face From An Ancient Gallery…

here they lie 1Being that this was one of the first VR titles I’ve sat down and played helped me stick with it and feeling like you’re in the scene certainly helped some of the more disturbing moments stick in the mind. The aforementioned red light district features some grim imagery and when you can wander the hell scape it’s actually a relief as it’s a splash of colour in an otherwise mainly drab looking black and white game.

More really should have been done to up the excitement and tension. In one scene the main character beats a character to death with a metal bar and then instantly discards. Because of course he would. Not like it hasn’t just proven to be an effective weapon. But that would make too much sense in a game that has no intention of making any sense at all.

And He Walked On Down The Hall.

Verdict. Some people will possibly get a kick out of the surreal/confusing nature of the game. I however stuck with it for the sake of the fact my PSVR wasn’t cheap and I’m going to get my bloody money’s worth from it.


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