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mad-max-game-1Mad Max is a game, from Warner Bros interactive, and that my dear friends is a fact. Now Warner Bros, as a publisher are a little bit hit and miss. They like to try and screw every little penny outta your pockets, but, do release good games (when they work), Batman, Dying light, Shadow of Mordor, MKX and now (for me at least) Mad Max.

This poor bugger had to compete with Metal Gear when it was released, and to be honest, I feel it was unfairly treated in a lot of the press. You see, to many of the press a 7/10 is a terrible game, and they spoke about it as such. Those same reviewers, then gave MGS:V a 9 or 10/10. (which is just plain fucking mental).

Mad Max the game is fun. Faulty, but fun. You start off after having you car smashed up and stolen at the end of a very entertaining cut scene. Then you are alone with Max for a short while, until you meet Chumbucket. Chumbucket gets you to do this and that, then the world is open to you.

ChumbucketChumbucket is your buddy character throughout the game, which was a worry for me when i first started the game. I’ve not had many good experiences with buddy characters in games, but he’s actually alright, funny, repeats himself, but stays out of the way. Sticking with the car when you decide to go one a hike, he repairs any and all damage to your vehicle. Throws thunderpoons (love that name), shoots the grappling hook whilst driving, he’s pretty useful really. So overall Chumbucket works well…thank you Chumbucket.

Once you’re free to roam the dry dystopian deserts of down under, you notice that considering there isn’t much to look at, it still looks pretty. The map is pretty much open for you to go wherever you want right off the bat (which is nice). The map itself is separated into districts, the districts are coloured according to how ‘Dangerous’ they are. In each district, there are a number of things you can do to reduce the danger in that area. So for instance, there are Scarecrows which you can take down with your grappling hook, or minefields you can clear, convoys to destroy, bases you can raid, along with a couple of other things. Like with a Assassins creed game, there are points on the map with which you can look out over the environment and fill your map up with the locations of the side activities. After you’ve ridden a balloon up high and highlighted the little missions and side quests, they stay on your map. Now, I prefer this, I do understand a lot of people find it a little overbearing, but what you find out pretty quickly in Mad Max is, the world isn’t actually as big as it first seems. It’s not tiny, it’s about the right size for this game to be honest. So don’t let the little icons on your map annoy you, because if you just concentrate on a district you can have it cleared in half an hour. So thats pretty cool.

Right, on to combat. Road combat is fucking excellent, on foot combat is passable. On the whole, combat is fun.

1280x720-TtIRoad combat is brilliant, what I recommend you do, is blitz through the game until you have just opened the Maw. Then go do the side stuff. Because you would have upgraded your vehicle just enough to be badass. Whilst driving you can very easily cycle through your weapons without disrupting your control of the car at speed. With the grappling hook, you press a button, time slows down and Chumbucket auto-locks onto the nearest enemy, either tearing off a door, wheel, armour, or ever pulling the driver out of the windscreen. The Thunderpoon, which are explosive sticks, are aimed the same way, again, not really interfering with your control of the vehicle. You can also aim your shotgun out of the windows, again time slows allowing you to take your shot (usually at the fuel tanks, or tyres). There is something truly  special about this game when taking down a convoy, something that everyone must experience. Especially when your vehicle is fully modded.

gameplay-screenshot-2On foot combat is Batman Lite, nothing majorly distinctive but it’s functionable. Not as fluid as Batman, or as flashy as Mordor. It works, and some of the moves Mr. Max pulls off are pretty brutal, which always brings a smile to my face. Some reviewers mentioned they ended up winning all the combat sections by just tapping strike then counter, strike then counter. The thing with Mad Max’s combat is, you need to build up a rage meter and you do this via combos. If you miss a counter, the combo finishes, no rage meter. Reviewers marked this game down buy at least one point because of the on the foot combat. It’s ok, not brilliant, but you will have fun with it.

The story, mmmm, now being a fan of Mad Max, not just the new movie (number 2 is best), this game raises more questions than answers. It fit’s the stupidity of a Max story, but tries to add a bit more depth to it. Which ends up being hit and miss. I just mainly played around in the sandbox, then decided to finish the story. If you ignore the side stuff, which for the most part you can. The main story I think will do you about 7-8 hours (mainly because there is a little bit of grinding). And if you clear all districts, and complete the side quests probably a 30Hr game. Which is the time I put in, I also like to just dick around so probably can be done quicker.

With all that being said, I enjoyed this game. Not the greatest by a long shot, but certainly not as bad as most reviewers spat at it. Yes there is a lot of busy work, but it’s optional for the most part. Yes it is repetitive, but so is MGS:V most of the missions in that game are the same, and reviewers gave that game 9 or 10/10 ??! (leaves me betwattled).

So overall, it’s a good solid game, not a classic, but if you can pick this up for £20-£30, you’ve got yourself a bargain.

Above average, my score 7/10 

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