No Mans Sky

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No Mans Sky

Just 18,446,744,073,709,551,616 Planets

Just the thought of an open world sandbox with so much room for expansion and things to explore and do got me hooked right from the start. Every planet is different and unique, it could be a floral green planet full of life or on the other end of the scale a barren land with toxic atmosphere

Graphically this game is beautiful, on any of the planets or in open space its visually amazing.

That Ain’t No Moon

You begin the game standing next to your broken ship, they pretty much throw you in the deep end and you have to find resources to fix it. I thought a bit of back story would have been good to start the game off, crash landed on an alien planet after a mission going wrong etc but as this is a sandbox game I got over it quickly.

Jumping in to space and starting to discover the many planets, space stations and alien races is brilliant to start off with, visiting the Atlas interface and getting an Atlas Pass, you can start your quest to the centre of the galaxy or complete the Atlas Path, or what I did was just visit as many planets as possible and not bother with the story, cos I could.

Unfortunately, after a while visiting new planets and doing the same thing on each one gets very repetitive and boring, so starting the Atlas path had to be done. This again became repetitive and boring, but hearing about a new update for the game, I put the game down and waited to see what was in store.

I’m glad I did!

Base Building, claiming your own planet

For me this was an unbelievable update, on most games I love building my own bases, and having my own planet to build everything on got me straight back on the game. I forgot completely about the quest to the centre, and the Atlas, it’s time to build!

In the update they also introduced new modes, creative mode and survival mode. Creative mode allows you to build without limits and survival makes the experience more challenging, I jumped back in to normal mode to claim my own planet.

Not every planet can be claimed, so it took me awhile to find one, but once you find the spot to start base building you get so many new challenges to find and explore, including recruiting aliens to occupy your base! A new journey has begun!

The options they have for this game are unbelievable and if this is the first update to come through I have a very good feeling for the ones to follow.


Vanilla No Many Sky 6/10

Updated No Many Sky 8/10


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