Oculus Cost Ain’t So Bad

Oculus finally dropped the bomb yesterday, well I say bomb, it’s the internet so anything exciting scares people to run for an extreme opinion. So, from reading most posts and articles you’d believe a bank account bomb had actually gone off.

But lets think of this logically. If you were to buy an Xbox one or Playstation 4 at launch, with a game and an extra controller you where most certainly looking at over £500. If you look at the Oculus Rift as a console, as a stand alone experience, then the costing starts seeming to be reasonable (to an extent). You’re getting an Xbox One controller and two games with it, along with the motion sensing camera. Now you don’t need to be my level of supreme genius to work out that in the up coming months various lower price versions are going to come out.

The Oculus will be available without the controller, the two games and head tracking camera. They have already said on various occasions that having more cameras dotted about the place will make for a much more accurate head tracking experience. So they will be sold stand alone. The games are to be sold stand alone also. So, I don’t think we need to worry to much about the price being so high for very long.

The cost of the rig to run the rift. If your a PC gamer, there is a very high chance that you can run the rift. The Oculus rift is first and foremost a PC peripheral. So when Laptop walla’s like myself want to play with the rift, it seems expensive, and it is to buy and PC and the Rift. But more a add on to someone’s gaming rig, than a easy entry to VR ( that’s what Gear VR for).

People are talking like the Rift is the most expensive thing for their PC, some graphics cards are stupid expensive, and are outdated within 2-3months.

All I’m trying to say is, stop whining!! It ain’t so bad


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