Playstation VR Impressions and Nintendo Switch Chat

Nintendo Switch VR

Playstation VR Impressions

Bonus Nintendo Switch Chat

A Whole New World!!!

On thursday Prof. Pashton had myself (Capt. Hughes) and King Garstang over to have a play around in the world of Playstation VR.  Having had experience in all the more well know VR headsets, we figured it would be  interesting to stream and record our impressions, and compare it to the other VR options on the market.

So how does Playstation VR match up to the the likes of Gear VR, Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, and google cardboard (that last one was a joke).  Watch and react. The nintendo stuff is half an hour from the end.

Playstation VR  reviews are coming, check out Here They Lie Review now!


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