Playstation VR Worlds (PSVR)

VR Worlds

 Playstation VR Worlds. (PSVR)

  • DevelopersSIE London Studio
  • PublisherSIEE
  • Genre: Compilation
  • Platforms: Playstation 4
  • Release Date: 13th October 2016
  • Microtransactions: No

Show Me Games

When is a demo disc not a demo disc? Well, to Sony it’s when you make the decision to charge £29.99 for it. Featuring 5 separate experiences, none of which are full games really, this is designed mainly to show off the various features of the VR headset. Some are good and some are frankly crap, all are listed below.

playstation-vr-worlds-smgLondon Heist.

This one is quite good fun. Playing like a corny gangster flick your asked to steal a diamond from some Russian mobsters while your own guys think you’re trying to do a runner with it. This features some great graphics and a couple of good shoot out scenes. Blasting bikes and vans full of criminal’s on the highway is good fun. However, as with most on this disk it’s too short clocking in at under an hour ending with a moral choice concerning characters you’ve not had time to gel with.

Danger Ball.

I’ll admit, I ignored this one for awhile thinking it would be the worst of the bunch but when I finally tried out I was pleasantly surprised. I found it to be a strangely addictive futuristic take on Pong worth loads of added neon. You face off against various opponents each with different specials in the hope of winning the tournament.

playstation-vr-worlds-ps4-review-Ocean Dive.

Not much can really be said of this one. It’s certainly pleasant to look at and experience once but the total lack of interaction means you’ll only check it out the once. It’s the prefect thing to introduce a friend to VR though.

Scavengers Odyssey.

A rarity on the VR World’s disk. This one actually out stays it’s welcome. Lasting about 2 hours you control a spider mech hopping between chunks of floating space rocks and blasting aliens. The problem is that it only features 3 alien types and 2 weapons. It’s gets old. Fast. This title has also reportedly made many a person sick but I seem to be getting away with VR motion sickness so far.

Street Luge.

The very definition of a lazy game. You’d think hurling down a busy road inches from the ground in VR would be exhilarating. Well when it’s only 1 course but with slight detours to make up 4 courses and you simply phase through traffic instead of having a bone crunching collision it’s just dull. A few different tracks and a proper sense of danger would have really helped.


A mixed bag of titles that in all honesty should have been included with the headset. As it is charging £29.99 is a low blow for those willing to put faith in this new technology.


*edited 7th November 2016 – due to comment pointing out a clear error*
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