Reviewers Corner – Ark: Survival Evolved

After dropping a little review of No Mans Sky(read that here), Philip let’s us know his next adventure

  • Philip Desforges 09:44 Philip Desforges First review so criticism welcome lol Also bought ark survival evolved on PS4 this morning so can review that…even though I have over 200 hours on PC lol
  • Christopher Bilsborough 09:50 Christopher Bilsborough Played the beta, its great. You can murder and then cannibalise other players, and then collect your poo as a trophy. There’s probably more to it, but I only had an hour…
  • Chris Broderick 09:50 Chris Broderick SOLD!!!!
  • Philip Desforges 09:55 Philip Desforges Murder is off at the minute I think but it doesn’t stop you dragging their asleep bodies into the water and watching them drown then looting them. Unless pvp obviously
  • Christopher Bilsborough 09:56 Christopher Bilsborough Aw, it was great emoting to other noobs, thrn whilst thry were navigating the ridiculous menu sustem, smashing their heads in with a rock. I have turned predictive text off, btw…
  • Chris Broderick 09:58 Chris Broderick I’ll look forward to a review. Never played a game like that but the chance to ride dinosaurs and collect poop is nearly too much.
  • Philip Desforges 09:59 Philip Desforges 
  • Chris Broderick 10:00 Chris Broderick So much poop awaiting collection.
  • Christopher Bilsborough 10:00 Christopher Bilsborough I was eager at first, but felt you’d likely need to party up regularly to stand a chance, and even plan your defences outside the game.
  • Aaron Hughes 10:01 Aaron Hughes can you do anything with the poop?
  • Philip Desforges 10:01 Philip Desforges We tamed dinosaurs as they are pooping machines, poop turns to fertiliser for spitty plants

    Plants defend your base

  • Chris Broderick 10:01 Chris Broderick Can it be weaponised.
  • Christopher Bilsborough 10:01 Christopher Bilsborough eat it… make piles of it… limitless choices
  • Aaron Hughes 10:02 Aaron Hughes how long does it take to domesticate a dinosaur enough for it to poop for your pleasure?
  • Christopher Bilsborough 10:02 Christopher Bilsborough all about how long it takes you to be tough enough to twat one into submission
  • Chris Broderick 10:03 Chris Broderick Wanna those big bum biscuits to drop on another players head.
  • Philip Desforges 10:03 Philip Desforges Them shitting machines about 20 minutes to tame, a T. rex about 8 hours…Maybe more
  • Christopher Bilsborough 10:04 Christopher Bilsborough “Show Me Games Turd Factory”…
  • Aaron Hughes 10:06 Aaron Hughes Mmmmmm chocolatey
  • Chris Broderick 10:06 Chris Broderick I’m off to the shop for pies and chocolate.


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