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Resident Evil 7


Resident Evil 7, mmm are folk interested, lets visit the Reviewers cage and find out

  • Christopher Bilsborough 10:23 Christopher Bilsborough Sick of Resident Evil ever since I didn’t like the first one.
  • Tony Evans 10:24 Tony Evans Looks a lot better than 6, actually looks like a Resident Evil game
  • Christopher Bilsborough 10:24 Christopher Bilsborough Enjoyable movies, though.
  • Chris Broderick 10:24 Chris Broderick Going off the Beginning Hour demo in its fully updated form, it’s brilliant.
  • Tom O'Toole 10:27 Tom O’Toole I’m not a big fan of horror games full stop. Always disagree with the character choices. A dark corridor looms ahead, a shriek and scurry of legs can be heard “let’s check it out!”

    No, lets just go home.

    or at least go get some guns first

  • Chris Broderick 10:30 Chris Broderick You sure your not just watching 80s slasher flicks there Tom?
  • Tom O'Toole 10:30 Tom O’Toole same thing right? lol
  • Tony Evans 10:32 Tony Evans I love the horror game genre. The original Resident Evils and Silent Hill games where fantastic to play through, that’s why I’m looking forward to this one as it looks and feels more like the old games. Still gutted PT was cancelled but this should make up for it abit.
  • Tom O'Toole 10:32 Tom O’Toole like the start of evil within. Blood, death, big guy with chainsaw. That’s 10 mins into him arriving. Thats a ‘fuck that’ situation. I did enjoy the original few resi evils. silent hill never held my attention
  • Chris Broderick 10:33 Chris Broderick I’ve not played a really good survival horror since Dead Space 1 and 2 really. Most at least give you a reason for continuing down the scary scary corridors such as your trapped if not. At least your usually reasonably armed in them too.
  • Kenny Haslam 10:34 Kenny Haslam Well after playing it on vr I now know I’m a little fairy who is scared of monsters and the dark 😞 all in all though I was very impressed and like that it’s taking a different turn. I just hope it’s a lengthy game and not shortened for VR purposes.
  • Chris Broderick 10:34 Chris Broderick Where the hell do you want him to go in Evil Within lol. You do spend the first level trying to escape.
  • Kenny Haslam 10:35 Kenny Haslam I do think they have seen PT and thought ‘yeah where having a bit of that!!!’
  • Chris Broderick 10:35 Chris Broderick It’d be a kick in the dick for Xbox One owners especially if it’s shortened for VR lol.
  • Tom O'Toole 10:36 Tom O’Toole i did like those too, my order is reversed to most though. i like 3 the most as its more run and gun than the others.
  • Chris Broderick 10:36 Chris Broderick Gotta consider how long Dev time has been to when the PT demo came out really.
  • Kenny Haslam 10:37 Kenny Haslam I wonder how it’s going to link into the other resys I can’t see it being just a standalone thing and it better not be a computer simulation!!!!!!

    Or a VR simulation…………

  • Tony Evans 10:38 Tony Evans Never bothered with Dead Space after the first really enjoyed the game but for some reason just didn’t play the sequels. I loved Evil Within, just the right amount of gore and horror for me in that game. PT could’ve easily been the best horror game we have had if it wasn’t for the backstage explosion that happened with Konami. This new Resident Evil really does look like it’s tried to emulate some of that in there though. I imagine the mansion in this one will have some connection to the first mansion somehow.
  • Tom O'Toole 10:38 Tom O’Toole of they just shout “cut” at the end
  • Tony Evans 10:39 Tony Evans Did any of you guys play Alien Isolation or Until Dawn? Probably the best two horror games for me since the early Resi games.
  • Chris Broderick 10:39 Chris Broderick They have said it will reference the wider franchise. It takes part within the general storyline just that it’s concentrating on a story away from the main goings on.
  • Kenny Haslam 10:39 Kenny Haslam I heard data miners found reference to a weaker boss fight!!!!! I bloody hope not
  • Christopher Bilsborough 10:40 Christopher Bilsborough Played Isolation until a light bulb exploded, and I put it down. First open area.
  • Kenny Haslam 10:40 Kenny Haslam I played until dawn was holding off on alien to try play it on vr but looking like it won’t be released on PS4 that way. Until dawn was great though
  • Chris Broderick 10:40 Chris Broderick Yeah Until Dawn was fantastic.
  • Kenny Haslam

    Kenny Haslam

    Anyone ever played carrier on dreamcast?

  • Chris Broderick 10:41 Chris Broderick Tony you should play Dead Space 2. Best one.

    Yeah it was shit lol. Blue Stinger was the bomb :-p

  • Tony Evans 10:43 Tony Evans Isolation was brilliant. Really suspenseful game. You’re incredibly under powered and have to literally sneak everywhere. The most tense game I’ve played, the Xenomorph hunting you is terrifying to see on screen. Best Alien since Aliens 😂 I keep meaning to go back to Dead Space as have 2 and 3 on disc somewhere around, one day when the backlog is smaller….
  • Kenny Haslam 10:43 Kenny Haslam Oh no….chris blue stinger was awful. Carrier has the best voice acting of all time!! If you’ve never played it search for ‘carrier dreamcast camp man’ on YouTube it’s hilarious!!!
  • Chris Broderick 10:44 Chris Broderick Before I read to the end of that comment I was taking the best voice acting bit with a huge ass load of salt lol.

    I’m off to YouTube.

  • Christopher Bilsborough 10:45 Christopher Bilsborough I read that Isolation used the kinect so you could move your head to peep around things in-game. Also that noise picked up on the mic would attract the xenomorph… Fuck that right there!
  • Tony Evans 10:47 Tony Evans Seriously mate play it. It’s literally like being in the films, it’s unreal how nervous you get playing it. Incredibly underrated game, it’s easily in my top 3 horror games ever. You have to use your directional mic at certain bits in the game but like you said it attracts the xenomorphs and androids to you if you use it too long. It’s amazing.
  • Tony Evans 10:48 Tony Evans I played it on PS3 originally and went back and replayed it on PS4 a few months back and even second time round it was still as nerve wracking.
  • Christopher Bilsborough 10:51 Christopher Bilsborough Can’t deal with it. At some point, I pussied out with horror games. Films I enjoy, but put within that situation with no means of attack, no means of turning the tables, and I can’t take it. One death, and I uninstall and move on. With Isolation, I just KNEW I’d die no matter what I did, and couldn’t handle it. Fear-quit is my rage-quit.


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