The Binding Of Isaac: Afterbirth

The Binding of Isaac: Afterbirth is add-on to a updated version of The Binding of Isaac. That updated version was called Rebirth. Rebirth was where I entered The Binding of Isaac world, and fell instantly in love with it.

bindingofisaacOk so a brief overview of the game type…It’s a level by level randomly generated Robotron, with ridiculous power ups.  That’s the gameplay in a nutshell. But it’s one hell of a charming, upsetting and disturbing game. Although, the art style is cutesy, the underlying themes are not. Child abuse, Religious fanaticism, coprophagia (along with all manner of faecal activity, and other bodily expulsions), Matricide and Devil worshiping….oh and lets not forget your cute dead cat guppy ahhhhhhh.

The core game hasn’t changed much, so if you’ve played any other Binding Of Isaac games, you’ll fall straight in to it. So lets explain the story mode and how it works. You are Isaac, over the past few months your mother has been hearing voices from God, he’s been telling her to kill you, you panic, run, get to your room and find a trap door to the basement. Isaac jumps down and that’s where the game begins.

The game view is sort of a top down (like Robotron), you can fire North, South, East, and West, but not diagonal (probably a deliberate choice, just to make it more difficult). The levels are randomly generated, from a set of predesigned tiles. Each level will have a theme, Basement, Cave, Flooded Basement, and a few more macabre settings I won’t spoil here. So as you enter a room, Enemies will spawn, and the doors to the room will lock. Once you’ve killed the enemies, doors open and away you can trot to the next room, until you find the boss door. Defeat the boss, move down deeper into Isaac’s hell. Simple concept, simple game, bloody hard though.

The first time you play the game there are 6 levels for you to complete, finishing these unlocks a longer story mode. This one of my favorite things about The Binding Of Isaac games, no two plays are ever the same. You finish the game, then the game changes, and you’ve unlocked new items, new bosses and random encounters. It’s just fun, so long as you like poops.

Right, all the above is mainly for the folks who haven’t played a Binding of Isaac game. For those who have, what’s new with Afterbirth?  Well, there’s metric shit tonne of new items, over 100 the official site says. New challenges (i’ve played a few, pretty fun), lots of new bosses and enemy variants. More co-op buddies, and there’s a new mode called GREED.

The-Binding-of-Isaac-Rebirth-Afterbirth-Screenshot-1GREED mode is a wave survival mode. You start in a room with a shop and a couple of item rooms near by. In the middle of the start room there is a button. Once you press this button, wave upon wave of demented avengers, crawl gleefully out of obscurity on to your screen (basically it spawns, enemies). Survive 10 waves, and you are free to move on to the next level, where the enemies become harder and more twatty because…this is Binding of Isaac, and that’s how Isaac do. I’ve put lots of hours into the GREED mode, and haven’t finished it yet. That being said i’m not the greatest player, but i still love it.

The powerups on this game stack, and it can be hilarious to see your poor little Isaac getting more and more,  augmented, twisted and deformed with each power up. On one hand you’re happy because your tear damage has just increased, on the other hand you realise he’s now crying blood and he has a milky eye. Oh, did i not mention the bullets in this game are actually poor Isaac’s tears?? Well now you Know.

1736825So to wrap up, I bloody love this game, but with that being said it is a session game for me. Not something i would play all the time, but every now and then play it until i’ve had a good run. Then put it down again, for awhile. There is a lots of replayability, and it’s co-op (i’ve not have much chance to play it co-op unfortunately). Wait till it’s a little cheaper on steam if it’s your first endeavour into Binding Of Isaac. Those of you who already play Isaac, go get this version now, you won’t be disappointed.

For me, this is a 8/10

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If you need a little help Guide for BOI: Rebirth and Afterbirth

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