Thumper Show Me Games


  • Developers: Drool
  • Publisher: Drool
  • Genre:  Rhythm Game, Survival Horror
  • Platforms: Playstation 4 (Reviewed), Microsoft Windows
  • Release Date: 10th October 2016
  • Microtransactions: No

Tub Thumbin’

Up it rises again from the depths, the unrelenting demonic head which only gets more powerful with each defeat you deal it. It’s a good job your little space beetle is equally unrelenting and tenacious, forging ever onward through all the game throws at you. It certainly helps that the control system is kept simple, 1 analogue stick and 1 button are all you need to navigate all the turns, timed pads, hoops and jumps coming your way.

Bouncing Boom Boom

thumper-screen-show-me-gamesTo be honest I’ve never really been into the whole rhythm action games before. I only settled on this one due to a combination of wanting to build a decent collection of VR titles quickly, and to justify my PSVR purchase, along with it being described as “Rhythm Violence” as opposed to action and it was cheap. I suspected it would probably last me an hour or 2 before I move on to shoot something in the face or run some hapless civilian over in another open world game. Several sessions later I’d completed it and with the exception of a few small niggles had enjoyed it thoroughly.

The game does a job of introducing new elements, letting you get your head round them and then throwing something else your way to keep you on your toes. Even adding in a slight twist on things right on the final level.

Dropping The Bass

If you’re playing in VR mode the game looks very trippy, like somebody has sneaked acid into your morning coffee and you suddenly are surrounded by wiggly wobbly arms with a demon head all neon bright. Then when a mini boss or main boss arrive the game takes on a much more menacing tone, with deep reds and the aforementioned demonic head trying to kill you. It’s also worth noting the title looks gorgeous played through the Pro on a 4k display.

Thumper does get marked down for (in my opinion) some stages simply go on for too long and the game is noticeably harder in 2D mode as the camera doesn’t stay as steady and obstacles are on you with much less warning.

t-h-u-m-p-e-r-kill-show me gamesHowever, overall there is much for rhythm game fans (and some non fans in general) to enjoy here and with the introduction of a new game plus mode in the latest update allowing you to attempt it with only 1 life it still has some serious challenge for players of all skill levels to enjoy.



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